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Welcome, Welcome, Welcome!

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Hello and Welcome! I am Jonathan and welcome to my blog. While this outlet will allow me to funnel some creativity, its main purposes are to disseminate information about technology and society, global development, and environmental science. I'm hoping to bring some awareness to new and trending information while occasionally adding in my two cents. Additionally, I am going through the PhD application process and hope to document some of the things I learn along the way that may help future PhD applicants. So basically, this will be my brain put on a webpage. I hope to keep things light and don't want you to assume any pomposity in my writing ethos. The atmosphere will be laissez-faire mixed with comedy while still addressing complex discourses. The opinions represented in this blog are made in good-faith and are my own. I would like to keep things light-hearted and welcoming - things posted will mirror that spirit. If you have any questions or ideas, please don't hesitate to send me a message. New and exciting things will be posted frequently, please keep an eye out. Also, check my social profiles (or the social feed) to see interesting articles coming from news, research communities, and academia, relating to the aforementioned subjects. Stay Tuned and Be Happy!

- Jonathan

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