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My Research.

Social Media

Social Media.

Social media has taken a pervasive role in society ranging from the day to day use by individuals to acting as a way for major media outlets to pick up and generate broadcast content. This has opened a new realm of research that sets out to understand the ways in which social media is redefining every aspect of our society. In my work, I examine the ways in which social media technologies are affecting communication, personal identity, group identity, and culture as a whole.


I began working in this area during my MSc program at Lancaster University (UK). I started with an assignment in a Geoinformatics (GIS) course, where I researched the potential of social media, and more broadly mobile technologies, as a source of geospatial information for GIS applications. When it became time for work on my dissertation, I decided to combine concepts gained throughout the program to identify the ways in which social media affected the uptake of environmental information and the resulting online discussion. 


Now, my work is at the nexus of disinformation and social media technologies. We have seen recently, with the Russian interference of the 2016 US Presidential Election, the prevalence of Fake News, and the western culture fixation on social media, that this new technology is continually revolutionizing the ways in which we interact, obtain information, and engage in society. Like the advent of the internet, this specific set of technology is redefining our culture.


As social media technologies have grown in prevalence, the standard evolution of these platforms has largely been reactionary. I am currently working on conceptualizing ways in which we can create the next generation of social media platforms. We have the opportunity to evolve further and develop social media platforms that place truth, justice, equity, and community at the center of the business model and technological ideation. With this, we can reorient our focus and measure "success" with more evolved metrics, thus incentivizing the promotion of "good" and combating cold-hearted profit motive. I believe that technology can create a better future for tomorrow, and I hope to contribute to that process. 

Environment & Development


& Development

Today's environmental issues stem from interactions and connections that extend beyond the realm of the natural sciences and lie at the nexus of social, political, economic, and environmental spheres. In fact, identifying sustainable strategies relies on an understanding of these realms and the mitigation of conflicts between them.  I focused on this area of sustainable development during the progression of my Environment and Development MSc at Lancaster University (UK). Now, I work in different realms, but often rely on this background to work with diverse interest groups, to engage with conflicting perspectives, and to identify best possible solutions. 

Environmental Science




My past environmental science experience ranges from ecology to agriculture to urban planning. Starting with geology and meteorology courses during my high school days, I originally connected deeply with the field of environmental science and choose to pursue this field in my undergraduate education. Once at Binghamton University, I gained experience with ecology, tropical ecology, biology, animal behavior, water resources management, and environmental planning.


In terms of research experience, I have conducted an ecological survey in Costa Rica, studied crow nest initiation behavior in response to climate change, and have extensively studied sustainable agriculture. Please take a look at my resume to find more information about my past experiences. 


The best way to gain some insight into my past experiences is to take a look at my work. The link below will connect to my projects page. Please feel free to head over there and to peruse my past work. 

Also, while I can easily spot a number of things to improve in these projects, I think that can always be said. Therefore, I'd rather showcase what I do have rather than hiding it away. 


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