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The Disinformation Ecosystem and the Frames Employed

UNC Chapel Hill | Course Project | 2019

  • Examined the topics and frames employed in 2.9 million Tweets originating from Russian disinformation actors during the 2016 US election through text mining and topic modeling approaches.

  • Worked to identify opposing frames of topics being simultaneously presented; including Black Lives Matter and Blue Lives Matter content, and pro-Hillary and pro-Donald content.

  • Concluded that disinformation actors were presenting frames on both sides of an issue to “muddy the waters” and sow discord in US political discourse. 


Social Media, Environmental Twitter, and Diverse Viewpoints

Lancaster University | MSc Dissertation | 2016

  • Conducted a basic text-mining analysis of 60,000+ Tweets mentioning the 2015 Paris Agreement focused on identifying the presence of influential actors and frequency of terms, the evolution of retweets throughout the conference, and the uniqueness of the conversation. 

  • Employed a novel content-analysis framework (based on Norman Fairclough’s Critical Discourse Model) to review 60,000+ tweets and identify the most ‘powerful’ tweets, users, and tags in the conversation.

  • Found that the conversation centered around a few very similar tweets from highly influential actors (e.g. UN, President Obama, and Prime Minister Modi) that were retweeted widely (contributed to more than 70% of the sampled discussion).


Climate Change Perception & Understanding Public Debate

Lancaster University | Course Project | 2015

  • Compared pervasive public climate change perceptions to those of the scientific community in order to gain deeper insights on the ways in which climate change information is disseminated and understood. 

  • Employed elements of psychology to identify the extent in which the process of perception formation affected the ways in which climate change information is retained and processed. 


Social Media: A Source of Geospatial Information

Lancaster University | Course Project | 2015

  • Conducted an in-depth literature review on the use of social media as a source of geospatial and contextual information for GIS queries. 

  • Analyzed the risks and benefits including the possible invasions of privacy, the limitations of social media-sourced GIS information, and the related costs, time investments, and overall efficiency. 


American Crow Nest Initiation Responses to Climate Change

Binghamton University | Independent Research Study | 2014

  • Collected, digitally parsed, and computationally analyzed 20 years of weather data and crow nest observation data to identify correlations between nest initiation dates and climate changes. 

  • Contributed directly to the processing, assessment, and visualization of the data set while also assisting with the process of identifying correlations and trends between crow nest initiation dates and weather trends. 


Costa Rican Ecosystem Survey

Binghamton University | Field Work | 2014

  • Traveled throughout Costa Rica for ten days to explore the variety of ecosystems in the country including the Tropical Rain Forest, Cloud Forest, Páramo, and Mangroves.

  • Surveyed the differing landscapes through plant/animal identification, photography, and note-taking, in order to gain an in-depth understanding of the key characteristics. 


Climate Action Survey

Sullivan County Planning Department | Internship Project | 2013

  • Researched and prepared greenhouse gas emission surveys for two municipalities and the Sullivan County Community College as part of the 2014 Sullivan County Climate Action Plan.

  • Performed Scope 1 and Scope 2 analysis on municipality owned buildings, motor vehicle fleets, and overall energy use in order to identify prominent emission sources and to provide accurate recommendations for mitigation. 

  • Work has been used across Sullivan County to guide sustainable building renovation, vehicle fleet upgrades & renewable energy decisions. 



  • Languages:​​

    • R, Python, SQL, HTML, CSS​

  • Knowledge Areas:

    • Natural Language Processing, Topic Modelling, Text Mining, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Unstructured Data, Classification Models, ​Network Analysis, GIS, Statistics, Data Visualization

  • Programming:

    • APIs, JSON, Jupyter Notebooks, Microsoft Azure, NLTK, NumPy, Pandas, PyCharm, Quanteda, R Markdown, R Shiny, RStudio, Sci-kit, TensorFlow, Tidyverse, Topic Models

  • Software: 

    • SPSS, Tableau, MATLAB, ArcGIS, NodeXL, Gephi​, Open Street Map

  • Social Media Analytics:

    • Platform-based Analytics

      • Facebook ​& Instagram Business ToolsTwitter Insights and AdsPinterest Analytics, Snapchat Analytics

    • Google Ad Tools 

      • Google Analytics, Google Insights, Google Trends

    • Marketing-oriented platforms

      • HootSuiteKeyhole AnalyticsSprout SocialKlout

  • Digital Marketing:

    • Search Engine Optimization​A/B Testing, Web Design

  • Educational Platforms:

    • Blackboard​, Moodle, Infrastructure Canvas, Brightspace, Sakai. 

  • Microsoft Word, Excel, Publisher, Access, and PowerPoint, Prezi Software. and Canva. 


  • Certified in First Aid, CPR/AED, Lifeguarding, Water Safety Instruction, and Scuba Diving.


  • Proficient in Spanish; Familiar with German; Learning Russian.


Experience in Education.

Fallsburg Jr./Sr. High School, Fallsburg, New York

Long-Term Substitute for 7th Grade Spanish Courses, September 2017 - Present
High School Substitute Teacher, April 2017 – Present

  • Prepared and delivered lesson plans, managed the classroom, guided discussions of the material, and overall directly taught the course.

  • Independently taught four 7th-grade Spanish classes (with a total of 80+ students) according to NY State Standards and under the review of the district’s Annual Professional Performance Review.

  • Often taught full lessons, including new material, assessments, and lab work, while working in a substitute capacity.


Technology Education and Literacy in Schools (TEALS), Microsoft Philanthropies

Volunteer Teaching Assistant, June 2017 – Present

  • Assisted in the development, customization, and deployment of the TEALS ‘Intro to Computer Science’ curriculum.

  • Directly contributed to student engagement and understanding by providing support for course material, coursework, and projects.


Department of Social Sciences and Sustainability, State University of New York at Sullivan

Adjunct Lecturer, May 2017 – Present

  • Prepared and developed the ‘Building Automation and Controls’ online course by creating new presentations, building the LMS module in Brightspace, bolstering course content, and forming assessments.

  • Managed the online course and student progress, including the maintenance of communication with students, tracking of student progress throughout the course, delivering assessments, and grading.


Lancaster Environment Centre, Lancaster University

Postgraduate Academic Rep, October 2014 – September 2015

  • Bridged communication between Lancaster Environment Centre Postgraduate students and the faculty to resolve identified student issues within the department.

  • Played key roles in the implementation of three new course offerings, a new program track, student support resources, and communication channels.

  • Achieved the highest form of recognition in the Lancaster University Student Union Representative Development Scheme, in which communication and leadership skills are developed through courses, reports, and student polling.


Post-Graduate Board, Lancaster University

Welfare Officer, October 2014 – December 2014

  • Promoted the inclusiveness of a highly diverse postgraduate student community aimed at resolving long-standing issues with engagement.

  • Developed solutions to community engagement barriers, cultural divisions, and overall student participation with the Graduate College Staff, Principal (College Faculty Member) and Lancaster University Student Union.


Rainbow Pride Union, State University of New York at Binghamton Treasurer, April 2013 – May 2014

Member at Large, January 2013 – May 2014
Member, September 2011 – January 2013

  • Researched and communicated complex information relating to LGBTQ+ issues, politics, and related social issues in weekly meetings for groups of 20 - 50 members.

  • Managed the financial aspects of the organization including the $6,000 budget, grant applications, record keeping, and financial compliance.


University Admissions, State University of New York at Binghamton

Tour Guide, August 2012 – May 2014

  • Prepared and lead an informative tour of the Binghamton University campus to ~30 prospective students and their families.

  • Highlighted the many features of Binghamton University while maintaining an abundance of knowledge and answering a wide variety of questions. 





Sullivan County Visitors Association, Sullivan County, New York

Director of Social Media and Digital Outreach, April 2016 – November 2016

  • Created and implemented a digital strategy for the organization incorporating the use of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat, as well as the analytics of each platform.

  • Promoted growth in the sharing of posts and engaged users, studied analytics, and strategically worked to curate the ways in which the brand was promoted.

  • Extensively used websites, social network analysis, platform tools, web marketing strategies and databases to manage the brand and achieve social networking goals.


Hazelrigg Meteorological Station, Lancaster University

Volunteer, October 2014 – September 2015

  • Volunteered to collect data on rainfall, wind, temperature, evaporation, solar radiation, cloud cover, and precipitation at the UK Meteorological Office’s Climatological Station Number 7236.

  • Developed environmental fieldwork skills, knowledge of best scientific practice, and data accuracy by adhering to standards set by the UK Meteorological Office.

  • Conducted meteorological measurements at prescribed times and ensured complete records: independently and accurately.


Sullivan County Planning Department, Sullivan County, New York

Intern, May 2013 – July 2013

  • Researched and prepared land use data and aerial images for property inclusions into Agricultural districts.

  • Collected, organized and calculated energy use data and emission data for two municipalities and the Sullivan County Community College for the 2014 Sullivan County Climate Action Plan.

  • Composed informational briefs on the Neversink River Corridor, Delaware River Branches, and Main Stem Corridor for the NYS Department of Environmental Protection’s Open Space Plan.


Harpur Radio Workshop, State University of New York at Binghamton

Business Manager, April 2013 – May 2014
Cleared Radio and Production Engineer, August 2011 – May 2014

  • Managed station business including budgeting $50,000+, obtaining external funds and grants, and strengthened relationships with the Binghamton Student Association and Binghamton University.

  • Abided by the Federal Communications Commission regulations and developed technical skills to deliver 1.5-hour weekly radio broadcasts. 

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