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Hi, I'm Jon!

Data Scientist.
Computational Social Scientist. 
Data Science Educator.
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About Me.

Hello! My name is Jonathan Schlosser, and I am:


a Senior Data Scientist at Nielsen.

a Computational Social Scientist at UNC Chapel Hill.

a Data Science Educator with Correlation One. 

an adjunct instructor. 

a big fan of coffee.

a connoisseur of funny animal photos. 

a science documentary addict.


Please follow the link below to get to know me...



I earned my B.S. in Environmental Science from Binghamton University, where my education focused on environmental science, ecology, and planning.


After graduating a year early from Binghamton, I pursued an MSc at Lancaster University in the United Kingdom. In this program, my academic courses led me to study the relationship between society and environmental issues.


Eventually, I gravitated towards research on disinformation and social media. In this realm, I have specialized my knowledge in data science and computational social science approaches.  

I am now working as a Senior Data Scientist at Nielsen and a Data Educator with Correlation One. 


To learn more about my research or to view my online resume, please click on the links below. 


I have been fortunate to have a very diverse set of past experiences and have had the ability to become familiar with a variety of fields. 

On this page, I have highlighted a few of my past projects and hope to communicate the breadth of my past experiences. 

Please click the link below to explore further. 


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