Hi, I'm Jon!

Aspiring Data Scientist.
Computational Social Scientist. 
PhD Student.
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About Me.

Hello! My name is Jonathan P. Schlosser, and I am:


a Media and Journalism PhD Student at UNC Chapel Hill.

a computational social science researcher. 

an aspiring data scientist.

an adjunct instructor and educator. 

a big fan of coffee.

a connoisseur of funny animal photos. 

addicted to science documentaries.


Please follow the link below to get to know me...


This page presents some of my work. It will be updated as I complete new projects and get them ready for sharing. At the moment, it is a tad sparse. (Haven't had the time to update it yet... will be coming soon!)

Please follow the link to see some of my work!

Past Work.

I've been fortunate enough to have gained a broad spectrum of experience over the course of my academic career. I earned my B.S. in Environmental Science from Binghamton University, where my education focused on environmental science, ecology, and planning.


After graduating a year early from Binghamton, I pursued an MSc at Lancaster University in the United Kingdom. In this program, my academic courses led me to study the relationship between society and environmental issues.


Eventually, I gravitated towards questions in the realm of social media and society. After studying this topic for the last few years, I now have a fairly deep knowledge of this subject area. I hope to further this knowledge in my Ph.D. program where I aim to do research and grow as an academic. 


To learn more about my research or view my online resume, please click on the appropriate link. 

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