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About Me.


I am a Senior Data Scientist, Computational Social Scientist, Data Science Educator, and an Adjunct Lecturer. I am pretty comfortable in my current role, but would be open to transitioning to something new if the right opportunity presented itself. 


I am finishing up my PhD at UNC Chapel Hill in the Hussman School for Media and Journalism. 

My research interests lie in the realm social media, disinformation, the alt-right, and conspiracy theories, but I consider myself more of a methodologist with a passion for data. I largely work as a computational social scientist whereby I employ computational methodologies to social science oriented questions. I began working in this area during my MSc Program at Lancaster University (UK) where my dissertation examined the flow of information around the 2015 Paris Agreement on Twitter.

In 2016, I completed my MSc in Environment and Development at Lancaster University. My program focused on the social aspects of environmental science and development studies, with additional foci on GIS applications and environmental engineering.


Before this, I completed my B.S. degree in Environmental Science at Binghamton University, where I graduated a year early and obtained honors. 


In my personal life, I am a big fan of dogs; I enjoy music and reading; and I look forward to my daily cup of coffee. I am highly autodidactic, and I truly love learning; with this I have cultivated a highly diverse background and am able to work between domains seamlessly. 


Fun Facts.

  • I have traveled to 9 countries and counting.

  • I am proficient in Spanish and am learning German. 

  • I was a Radio DJ in college and am a bit of an Audiophile. 

  • I can play 6 different instruments. 

  • I am a certified Scuba Diver. 

  • I love old libraries and the scent of antiquated books. 

  • I am a passionate collector of books and vinyl records. 

  • Fan of animal photos, especially of smiling animals. 


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