About Me.

I am an aspiring academic and researcher. I have recently started my PhD program at UNC Chapel Hill in the School of Media and Journalism. I will be researching the effects of social media on society and democracy. I just finished working as an Adjunct Lecturer at SUNY Sullivan and a 7th-grade Spanish teacher.

My research interests lie in the realm of communication and sociology where I explore the effects of social media on our society. Specifically, my work examines how the social media landscape influences conversations, the flow and uptake of information, and public perception. I began working in this area during my MSc Program at Lancaster University (UK) where my dissertation examined the flow of information around the 2015 Paris Agreement on Twitter. I have worked on numerous projects over the years focusing on sociology, psychology, and, more broadly, environmental science, which have built a highly interdisciplinary foundation and a diverse repertoire of research skills.


In 2016, I completed my MSc in Environment and Development at Lancaster University (Top 10 University in the UK according to Times Higher Ed). This program focused on the social aspects of environmental science and development studies and led me to my current research area. Before this, I completed my B.S. degree in Environmental Science at Binghamton University, where I graduated a year early and obtained honors. In my earlier education years, I showed my academic prowess by graduating high school with the honor of Salutatorian and 38 college credits in tow.


In my personal life, I am a big fan of dogs; I enjoy music and reading; and I look forward to my daily cup of coffee. I am highly autodidactic and a renaissance man, to say the least.


Fun Facts.

  • I have traveled to 9 countries and counting.

  • I am proficient in Spanish and am learning German. 

  • I was a Radio DJ in college and am a bit of an Audiophile. 

  • I can play 6 different instruments. 

  • I am a certified Scuba Diver. 

  • I love old libraries and the scent of antiquated books. 

  • I am a passionate collector of books and vinyl records. 

  • Fan of animal photos, especially of smiling animals. 

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